About This Blog

The participants in this blog are all Christian writers who have come together for the purpose of building up the Kingdom of God. Each writer is writing independently and without any restrictions from the other members of the group. We are confident that our theological positions on many issues may differ greatly, but we agree on this: Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives. We love God, and are seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us Love others and obey Jesus.

Thus we would ask that you enjoy our writing while understanding that we are doing the best we can at this moment in our walk with Jesus, imperfect though it may be.

Each of us has written one or more books for the Christian market, and these are generally available through Amazon, our own websites, and/or various other book sellers, online and off. If you like what we are writing here, you may wish to go deeper with us through our books.

Each author is available for various levels of outreach regarding their books. We have an author's page which will direct you through links to their websites, blogs, and social media. If you are looking for books to review for your own publications or media, authors to interview, speakers for online or traditional media, some or all of us are available. Please contact the individual members through the resources provided on their author's page. 

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