Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are We in the Last Days? I Mean Like the Really Last Days?


What are the "signs of the times?"

There are many signs that we are nearing the end times, and there are plenty of smart folks who will give you long lists of what the Bible says, and make the case that these prophetic statements are being fulfilled. Maybe the most startling of these is the return of the Jews to statehood in Jerusalem as of 1948. The Bible says that the Jews would be scattered and then gathered again to Jerusalem in the end times.

There are those who claim we are having more earthquakes and wars, not to mention rumors of wars. We certainly are spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. However, I have two that may not be as obvious.

First, dispensationalists divide all of time into 7 millenia.  One of those was to be two thousand years of the church age, or two thousand years after Christ. Thus we had many folks who believed that the year 2000 would usher in the next phase or the beginning of the end times. Others looked at issues regarding the Roman calendar and the actual year of Christ's birth and said the time would have been 1997 or there about.

I wonder if the 2000 years would be measured from Christ's death rather than his birth. This would put the time forward either 33 or 36 years depending on how old Christ was at the time of his crucifixion.  This would leave 2030 as the most likely date.

The other sign of the time would have to do with man's pride. I will define pride for these purposes as man believing he doesn't need God, that he is capable of handling life on his own. I would offer that there has never been a time in history when the average man has had less of a sense of a need for God or the things of God. Even some people's perception of heaven doesn't seem to be that much better than what they now enjoy. Between affluence and scientific accomplishments, most people living in advanced cultures surely trust men, and the inventions of men, more than God.

Throughout all history, God has acted when pride has been rampant, whether Babel, Nebuchadnezzar, the Israelites in the wilderness, or Cain, not to mention the Devil and a third of all the angles.

As our human capabilities seem to be increasing almost exponentially, humans seem to consider the source of all these wonders to be human, rather than God. This pridefilled age begs for God to act.

Therefore, I am not Prophesying, but rather prognosticating. The signs of the time would point to a soon return, like really soon. The time that seems to match up with the dispensationalist analysis would be around 2030. This would also be within the "generation" of the Jews return to Israel.

Give me your thoughts on this opinion.

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  1. Randy, I have no doubt we are in the very last days. And I think a lot of Christians are going to sleep through it and be suddenly awakened to the reality of it when Yeshua returns. Keep your eyes on Israel and the signs in the sky. The blood moons this year, a war coming in the Middle East. In order for there to be a peace treaty, there has to be a war. It's coming. Probably the war mentioned in Ezekiel, and the building of the third temple. I am keeping my eyes open with great anticipation. I do not want to be one of the five bridesmaids who ran out of oil and missed the celebration. Notice they were all believers, but only five were ready.