Sunday, November 30, 2014

Perfect Christmas Gift for the Man in Your Life


100 page book is designed with men in mind

The subject matter is of "God Called: He Needs Your Decision" is oriented to the Christian who no longer needs to be bottle fed. The book assumes an understanding of the Bible and that the reader is serious about their choice to make Jesus Lord in their life. The goal is to help individuals who may feel stuck at some point along their growth in Christ. It is particularly suited to the Christian who wants more from their walk.

In these regards, "God Called" is for any age, male or female. In two regards the book has special appeal to men. First, it is short. At around 100 pages, even men who don't read many books will hopefully see a manageable project. Besides there are pictures.

Second, it is written in a no-nonsense style. This is not a subtle work where you need to figure out what is being said. It should challenge the reader to take new actions, and provide some of the pathway to begin those actions.

"God Called"is based on Isaiah 6:8. If we trust Jesus, then he is calling us to do some work for the Kingdom. How do we get that call? How do we hear the call? How can we be sure that the call we hear is from God? Those questions and more are at the foundation of why the book was written, and hopefully of what the book teaches.

Please consider "God Called: He Needs Your Decision," as a possible gift for anyone in your life. On Amazon, you will see a long list of reviews that can help you make your decision. Should you choose to get the ebook, the cost will be just $.99 through the end of 2014. The paperback version is a perfect Christmas gift at under $12.00. Both are available on Amazon by going

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