Sunday, October 4, 2015

What About Babylon? End Times Can't Start without Babylon Being Rebuilt

Could this be Babylon

I happen to believe that we are very, very near to the return of Christ. The rapture, the 2nd coming and the millennial kingdom are all seemingly possible within a decade or so. Except for Babylon.

There can be no doubt that many precursors for the end of this age are now in place. Elements that were not in place in the year 1900. No just one or two, but dozens of the necessary components spoken of by the prophets in both Old and New Testaments, and by Jesus, himself, are in place.

I have studied the scriptures and those who have ably interpreted these same scriptures. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Beshore, and others have slightly differing analysis, but ultimately they are very close. The remaining piece that is needed to create a clear path to the rapture is the rebuilding of Babylon.

So what is going on in Babylon. We heard rumors and even had a major news channel devote time to the idea that Saddam Hussein was spending billions to rebuild Babylon. If you do a bit of internet research, you would see a tiny bit of evidence that the UN has some interest in rebuilding Amazon. This would make some sense as it would tie the "One World Government" to the place that is supposed to eventually be its headquarters. 

But unless I'm missing something huge, Babylon is still a ruin. And unless a whole list of Bible scholars have totally missed the point, Babylon has to be rebuilt as a major, even the major, city of government and commerce in the World before the beginning of the rapture.

Now we have seen some great cities created in a very short time. China has built dozens of huge cities in the last couple of decades, going from 500,000 to 2,000,000 population in that time. Moreover, the country is now the richest, per capita, in the world, and boasts a skyline filled with futuristic buildings like no other city.

Could Babylon be rebuilt even faster? Undoubtedly. This blogger believes that the rapture will occur by 2036, and probably well before. But the Babylon problem is the biggest obstacle to that result.
Could this be Babylon

Some have posited that the Babylon of the end times is metaphorical. Others have suggested that it need not sit on the same pile of rubble. Maybe Mecca is Babylon? These ideas are certainly possible, but would stretch our usual methods of interpretation of scripture.

Which brings us back to my personal time line. If Jesus were to come in the air for his flock in 2030, which would be 2000 years after his death, Babylon has 14 years to be rebuilt. Other writers are thinking the timing is 2023 or 2028. This shortens the timeline for getting going on Babylon Rising.

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