Thursday, June 12, 2014

Abraham Struggled With The “What if’s” Of Life, Do You?

Have you surrendered the "what if's" of life to God?

I was reading about Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, because God asked him to. I know, I know, there are at least a million and one sermons on this event, but it's so nice when God opens your heart to hear what He has to show you.

He has been teaching me about surrendering to Him. Mostly my fears which show me just how little I trust God. So When I read Abraham's encounter with God in Genesis 22 my brain processed it differently.

I had to ask myself, metaphorically speaking, if I was willing to hike the mountain with each of my children. Isaac was right by Abraham's side the entire journey. Then take the time to build an alter and strap them to it. Could I take the knife and trust my Father enough to surrender my kids completely into His care?

Since I think in pictures, it helps me to visualize a literal alter and placing my children on it in
complete surrender to God's will, for their lives, and for mine - as their mother.

Here is another thing that I relate to Abraham in. While he has faith in the big things, i.e. "He considered that God is able to raise people even from the dead." Hebrews 11:19a
He had some trouble trusting in the "What if's" of life. In Genesis 12 and again in 20 Abraham is afraid of a "what if.' Both times they were entering a foreign land and Abraham asked Sarah to tell people that she was his sister. He thought, "what if" they kill me because you are so beautiful and I'm your husband? When his life isn't even really in danger, but he sees that as a possibility, he takes things into his own hands.

Oh yes, Abraham and I have a lot in common.

Here is one other side note: I teared up as I read Gen. 22:7-8 they are still on their way to the place of sacrifice when Isaac notices something strange about the things they have with them. He sees the wood and the fire, but he asks his father where the lamb is. Here is Abraham's response, "God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.' Wow! God says the same thing to each of us. He has provided the perfect lamb as the offering for my sins. It's as if God says, 'I got this."

I'm so thankful He does. What a wonderful gift salvation is! I'm reminded of a worship song that I love.

Take a listen.

Jesus died for you and for me and He is so worthy of our worship. I think He has all of the 'What ifs" covered!

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  1. Great post, Kara! I find it hard to FULLY commit-sometimes-my close family to God even though I know God knows best and I CAN trust him. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder. Tweeted.

  2. I completely understand Caroline. I expect surrender to be a one time deal, unfortunately its a day by day, moment by moment exercise of faith. I need to work out my faith muscles much more often than I do.

  3. Most days the song I sing is "I Surrender Some."

  4. I agree with all...don't know if I could do the right moment, yeah. I certainly trust my God, but to completely let go? Oh my goodness, I hope to say yes, but I'm far from perfect in every moment. Thank goodness God is good always! Great song! I just learned this one with our worship band...holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come...Praise God for His mercy on us!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Kara. Delayed answers to prayers for my kids have had me weighed down. Bless you for hearing.