Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Someone Look Good

John 2:1-11

Jesus created his first miracle at life’s most joyous celebrations, a wedding. After learning of the host’s wine shortage, He secretively produced a batch of vintage wine so the festivities could continue. Guests praised the host for serving the best for last, not realizing the Lord of creation had created His first earthly miracle.

We all struggle with wanting to get the applause. The employee sits in a work-related meeting listening to someone else steal his innovative ideas on marketing. He wants to leap up, informing all listening that this original idea came from his mind.

Likewise, the songwriter desires credit for the singer’s song and the baker wants her due for the neighbor receiving compliments on her prized fudge cake. It’s flattering to think people like our ideas but we’d better get the applause!

In our society we value celebrities who crave the public attention. It takes the Holy Spirit’s humility to learn to relinquish credit. Our Savior modeled this ability, letting the guests assume the host saved the best for last. As a true servant, He focused the spotlight on his host.

Thought for the day: Jesus is the epitome of graciousness. He who created grapes, vines, and the rich earth, could have dazzled the wedding guests with a display of His powers. Instead, He stayed in the background. It makes us ask ourselves if we’d do as much.

Prayer: Lord, teach us to not always desire getting the credit. Help us make someone else look good today.

by Carol G. Stratton


  1. I am reminded daily that one of the hardest lessons for me is humility. I recently realized that while I don't feel economically needy, I often feel emotionally needy. I think I need the compliment that goes to someone else, because I thought of that idea first!
    Great post. "Jesus is the epitome of graciousness." Absolutely. I need to learn to be more like him.

  2. God has been working with me a lot on this one lately. I'm the quiet one who comes up with the ideas, and then other people hear and run with them. I think God is teaching me that that is a safeguard to keep me from pride. I need that!