Saturday, October 11, 2014

Christian Politics On Earth Or Only In Heaven?

How should we, as Christians, then live?

As a Christian living in a primarily non-Christian world how should we react to politics? It’s, after all, around us, dictating our lifestyle and to a greater extent our beliefs. Take, what is commonly dubbed, the Obama health plan, for instance. Ever stop to think who’s paying for the abortions that amount to thousands each year in the USA? All our hard earned money. When we pay our premium, like it or not, we are paying for others to get abortions for free.

So how can we Christians still abide by the laws of this land—which is incidentally becoming more and more anti-Christian and anti-biblical—and still have the clear conscience of not having paid for some people’s abortions?

How about other forms of violations of our faiths. I don’t know your inclinations when it comes to the homosexual agenda but as a Believer I feel that the Bible is quite clear about gay marriages and homosexuality. So what happens if you have a business printing T-shirts and people from the Gay Pride Movement wants you to print T-shirts to promote their cause—something which is anti-Biblical and against the Christian view. Do you as a business have a right to refuse to print the T-shirts?

In the USA apparently not! Recently, a Christian business owner was sued by the Gay Pride movement. You can read about it here.

The defending attorney says:

“No one should be forced by the government or by another citizen to endorse or promote ideas with which they disagree,” said ADF attorney Jim Campbell. “Blaine declined to the request to print the shirts not because of any characteristic of the people who asked for them, but because of the message that the shirts would communicate.”

Do you agree the Christian company has the right to refuse? I certainly do.
And what about schools? There are enough plays in schools that promote the gay agenda, but what if a Christian student wants to promote Christmas, or a biblical story, or perhaps just have a Christian theme for their drama. Would freedom of speech allow the student putting up the play to have the liberty to voice his opinion through drama? Again, apparently, not, according to one North Carolina school. You can read the story here.

Are these just isolated incidences of bigotry against the Christian faith? And so we have nothing to worry about? This country still honors freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right? After all, look at the art world. So many, in my opinion, pornographic type artwork is promoted as art in the name of freedom of speech. But, sorry to burst you bubble. I wish I could say I was wrong. But truth be told, daily, the incidences where businesses or some government officials come down upon individuals or businesses that try to honor what God wants increase in  number.

Our politics is in heaven, you might say, as a Christian, quoting scripture.
But, the reality is as long as we live on this earth the politics about us will influence our lives, our beliefs, and the future of our children and their right to live as Christians. If we, as Christians, despite our denominations, do not band together and state our stand, our stand will crumble like the Berlin Wall. When government begins to force churches to hire and promote homosexuality in our Sunday sermons, (they are already doing this in schools, and this, despite the school’s position that they don’t have enough money for school projects, but yet, have been able to foster out millions for new text books to enhance the gay agenda), we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Why? Because we take the middle road, we don’t want to rock boats, we don’t want to “offend.”

Remember the Bible says, Satan is a thief and a liar. A thief come stealthily—slowly, surely and takes you in ways you didn’t realize... until it is too late. Already, the thief has stolen much of the biblical values in our country. How much more are we as Christian willing to stand by and allow the ungodly eat away at our belief system?
The Bible also says we are to be gentle as doves, which most Christian seem to be able to live out easily enough. But about the second part of that same scripture?

If we are to take God’s Words a whole, the second portion of the Bible verse says, we, Christians must be as wise as a serpent. The serpent is a symbol of Satan. Wise as a serpent? Think about it. Perhaps we are to not be so quick as to allow legalism to taint our thoughts and say, “Well, as Christians we must love everyone.” Don‘t get me wrong. But to love means to also speak the truth.

We must tell the world (unsaved) of the truth, the Biblical standards that our One true God wants us to uphold. (Don’t get me wrong—I know each of us will fall short often—at least I do…often. But this doesn’t mean we condone what is touted as the acceptable ways.) We cannot let the culture of our day—basically, anything goes and let’s all sing Kumbaya, and be politically correct—dictate how we live and our future. When it’s time to voting—vote. When God gives you a chance to voice your opinion that concerns biblical value, share stand firm and speak the truth. Be a light. A torch bearer for truth, and for Jesus.  Was Jesus politically correct? Follow His example. 

And when politics encroach on how we should live as Believers, we have not just a right, we have the duty to fight for what we believe in. I think it’s worth it. What about you?

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