Sunday, October 19, 2014

Have You Read Any Bruce Wilkerson Lately?

Is Bruce Wilkerson the CS Lewis of this Time?

Some authors and speakers just seem to catch the imagination in a way that leads to life change. The authors that grace the pages of this blog all work hard to bless their readers through fiction and non fiction in ways that secular books cannot. I would like to salute a writer that blesses me over and over.

Most who know Wilkerson got their first taste of his powerful writing in his huge hit book, The Prayer of Jabez. In this work we were challenged to pray that God would "expand our territory." I know that I prayed that request daily for many months. I only wonder why I stopped. 

Next we were given an illustration of what it means to abide in Christ. The work was called Secrets of the Vine. This pilgrim still struggles with the idea of abiding. I'd much rather take matters into my own hands.

Then Wilkerson reminded us that God built us with a desire to achieve. We love to receive awards and to seek after prizes. In A Life God Rewards we found out that it is okay to desire God's rewards for our earthly achievements. Why else would He have spent so many verses laying those rewards out in detail.  Clearly we don't want the reward to be uppermost in our motive for doing God's will, but that doesn't diminish the extra motivation that comes from knowing there will be a tangible thank you.

Now I'm halfway through Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs, and Bruce hasn't lost his touch. I will just pull out a single quote that has touched my heart deeply. Maybe it will yours, as well.

We're complicated, conflicted beings who want more than one thing at a time. Mostly we want to feel better now.

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