Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Was Bored Once

Bill Gross reported from Davos that 91-year-young Shimon Peres said:


I am tempted to just let this message be the entire post, but that would be so completely out of character. 

I saw this quote just a few days after having a discussion with a 25-year old of my acquaintance (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.) He said he was bored. He lives in a house with 1000's of amazing books, two televisions, two ipads, 6 iphones, 6 Macbooks, and he has one of each of those. 
I responded back to him that at 66 years, I look forward to the next 20 or so years, and I can't figure out how I'll ever get everything done that I'd like to do. There are new companies to start, more books to write, more grandkids to cuddle, more relationships to build, more work to do for Jesus, more places to travel, and the list is endless. 

Interestingly, it also appears to me that the folks who live longest and strongest tend to be doers. Staying young requires exercise, they say. I suggest that the primary muscle that needs to be exercised is the spiritual muscle. Close behind that is the passion muscle, followed by the mind muscle. Let those three muscles get flabby and you will not really care how the body looks. The folks on TV can't see you anyway. At least not yet. 

So I praise God that he has provided me the lots of dreams. Now I just need an endless number of years to turn them into reality.


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