Monday, March 16, 2015

How Old Do You FEEL

Seriously. Stop and say it out loud. I feel ____________ . Now ask a few of your friends and family. You will likely be surprised by the answers. I can't seem to locate the study (How is that possible in the internet age?), but I read recently that your honest reporting on this question is actually one way to determine how much longer you will live. I found that idea fascinating. Since turning 50, maybe even before, I have had no ability to get my arms around my actual age. At the ripe young age of 67 today, I feel 45 at the most. Seriously, it is inconceivable to me that I'm the age I am. Does that make sense? Not in the sense of time is flying by, or my days are numbered. Rather, it is just an inner sense of being at a stage of life where there is much to do, not a stage of life of slowing down or looking back. So ask yourself, and a few of your family and friends. Their answers might surprise you.

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