Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fatherhood - A gift of life. Don't miss it!

Randy Kirk's photo.

Randy Kirk's photo.
Daughter Christian with her crew
Randy Kirk's photo.
Daughter Navae and her boy band

A very substantial number of my young friends are talking about not having kids or only having one. Here are my secular thoughts on the subject.

As Bilbo Baggins learned in the Lord of the RIngs, this life provides opportunities for adventure. We can choose to have no adventures and sit in front of electronic devices like the folks in "Wally," or we can dive in and stretch ourselves in a few or many ways.

I have had many, many adventures in my life, but none is as fun, satisfying, challenging, gratifying, intense, sweet, loving, disruptive, charming, romantic, fulfilling, teaching, blessing, stretching, or enchanting as being a Dad.

I love being a grandpa to 7 so far, but contrary to popular opinion, being able to leave after a few hours is not that great! It is the all in nature of being a Dad that makes it so intense on so many levels.
So, DON'T miss out.

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