Monday, June 8, 2015

Loving Yourself

Recently I was interviewed for a blog entitled, Law of Attraction Network regarding the change in my mindset as I've worked to lose weight. I enjoyed the opportunity to stop and reflect on not only the changes I've made in my diet and lifestyle, but how I now look at myself and my health goals differently. You can read the interview here.

Most of my adult life I've struggled with trying to lose weight. Disgusted with how I felt and looked, I'd vow to change. Full of energy, I'd start a new diet or gym, but couldn't persevere long enough to experience significant change. Then I'd accuse myself of being lazy, unmotivated, stupid, etc. As long as I agreed with those labels, I couldn't hear from God about how he loved me and wanted me to love myself.

While sitting on the other side of the counseling couch, God convicted me of bearing false witness against myself and I confessed my inability to see myself through God's eyes. That confession allowed me to humble myself, allowing God to speak truth through his Word and others. My change in mindset came about as I received and believed in truth, giving me the energy and focus I needed to make healthy changes and lose 70 pounds.

In what areas do you struggle? Seek to see yourself in those areas through God's eyes.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, The Body Shop

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