Thursday, September 11, 2014

How do you Respond to the truth?

Are you like this Ibex?

A while back, I was doing some research for my book, The Presence of Shadows. Brehane is the herdsman for his father’s taxilars. Taxilars are a made up creature based on the Ibex, a wild goat that roams the Middle East. As I tried to describe what sounds they make, I turned to the web to find out what an Ibex sounds like. I found this video, and laugh every time I see it. It's in Spanish, but not much is lost in translation.

Here is this nice guy just trying to have a friendly conversation with the Ibex, and the Ibex is just rude. So, I wonder, how do we act when God tries to talk to us? Are we rude? Do we spit in His face? Maybe we just turn our backs and cover our ears. It might be funny when an animal acts that way, but I don’t think God finds it’s funny when we treat the Him that way. 

What is God telling you? Are you listening with the respect He deserves?

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