Sunday, December 7, 2014

Be Still - Psalm 46:10


The noise level and the hamster wheel make it soooo hard

The noises around me and noises inside my head are distracting me like no other time I can remember. Yes, I have a house full of people who have a lot of friends. This makes for times when the house is more like an Inn.  And yes, that is a lot of fun. 

Then there is TV, video games, computers, and other noise makers around the house that entertain one or more of our crew intentionally, while unintentionally entertaining or disturbing others. Sometimes these noises compete with one another. Did I mention that one of my kids has rock band practice in our garage one or more times per week?

My own computer creates an additional two kinds of noise. Sometimes I do watch videos or listen to audio presentations on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone.  But I spend an average of 8 or more hours per day reading, evaluating, researching, or writing on my laptop. Noise in, noise out. 

On most days (not everyday as in the past), I spend some time in devotions, prayer, Bible reading. This would be the only time each day where I would even remotely consider intentionally, purposely being quiet.  There might be other times where I would be "still" by accident, but that would most likely be the time just before falling asleep. 

In those times where I try to be still or could potentially be still by accident, the hamster wheel gets going. Tomorrow's schedule, worries, woes, hopes, dreams, and more. Revue of today's schedule worries, woes, missed hopes, stupid acts, and more. 

30 minutes later I've traveled around the world fully powered by the wheel, and have absolutely nothing of value to show for the time spent. Most of the subject matter is unproductive or counter productive.  Am I talking to anyone right now?

I am looking towards my resolutions for 2015. I have a policy of only making a resolution that I intend to follow through on. I am considering the command to be still as a decision that might be more important than even being surrendered. Can I be surrendered without being still?

Looking forward to your comments. 

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