Sunday, December 14, 2014

Liking or Succeeding in Job Not New Testament Priority


Nowhere do we see evidence of early church leadership bragging about job success

 We know Mark was a doctor. We have not one word about whether he liked his job or how successful he was.

Several of the disciples were in the fishing business. While we have numerous stories about some of their activities as fishermen, we don't get any idea if they chose the profession or the profession chose them. As with Mark, we don't get any suggestion as to whether any were running twenty boats or barely keeping one tattered old craft in the water.

Paul went from top dog among Centurions to occasional tent maker. We here that he did the former with a certain relish, but don't know if he was happy in his work. Same can be said for Matthew as tax collector.

Of course both Jesus and Joseph were carpenters, but there are no suggestions they were living on the Upper East End.

Contrast the New Testament Heroes with the Old Testament. Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Danial, and others were rich and powerful. The only rich and powerful in the New Testament are the bad guys. 

One can tease out the possible reasons. The Beatitudes are all about humility, and a NT theme has to do with rich having difficulty accepting Christ.

Is there a message for us in this? We have very successful preachers, Christian authors and speakers, business owners, actors, athletes, etc., who seem to be doing amazing work for the Kingdom and appear, as best anyone can judge, to be exemplary in their walk.

I am curious to know what you think.

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