Monday, August 17, 2015

I Long For Jesus

As I look at my life on this beautiful summer day, I'm filled with thanksgiving for the abundant blessings God has given. Some of these blessings are external, but the ones I'm most grateful for are found in my soul. I've been a Christian most all of my life, but it's only been in the last 15 years I've experienced a deep relationship with Jesus. I moved from a fear-based legalistic spiritual life to an authentic, vulnerable relational-based viewpoint. I wrote the following poem to symbolize the transformation. This poem can be the prayer of your heart as well. 

I long to look into the eyes
Of He who died for me.
To see the love that shines therein
For all eternity.
Your piercing gaze into my heart,
Will cut thru my every wall.
And I will gladly surrender to you,
My hands, my heart, my all.

Jesus, I long to touch your face,
To caress each and every line.
To feel the nail prints in your hands;
The punishment that should have been mine.
I want to wash your feet, my Lord,
With tears of joy and love.
My heart is longing to be with you
In your temple in heaven above.

Jesus, I long to hear your voice,
Into my ear you will say
The words I long to hear the most,
“Beloved, here you will stay.
Forever you will sit with me,
Forever by my side.
It was only because of my love for you
That I went to the cross and died.”

So each and every day of life I struggle
To carry my cross.
And sometimes it threatens to crush me
And I think that all is lost.
But then I raise my eyes to the sky
And pray that soon will be,
The day that I will truly look
Into the eyes of He who died for me.

By Judy Lair 1997

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