Monday, August 24, 2015

Mourning Loss

There’s been so many sad, heart-breaking events in the news this summer. I absolutely believe God is in control and He grieves with us at the hurt and pain His children endure. Join me in this prayer as we release the sorrows in life and find comfort in God’s heart.

Father God, let this sadness envelope my heart
As a fog rolls across the coastline.
When despair clouds my vision & joy’s naught to be found,
It’s your voice I will follow, for I’m blind.

Savior Jesus, let me mourn each loss in my life
As a mother whose cradle is empty.
When the anguish it threatens my soul to undo,
In its midst can I truly embrace Thee.

Precious Spirit, please leave a tear in my eye
As a glistening jewel in the sun.
Though the waves of pain constantly rise up and fall,
Its reflection shows your comfort’s begun.

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