Sunday, August 30, 2015

What Will It Take to Get ME to Act

I sent $50 to ACLJ the other day. I listen to Jay Sekulow on the radio from time to time, and the American Center for Law and Justice is out there fighting for Christian principles every day. They are fighting my fight right in the trenches.

I spent 2 hours on a picket line in front of the Planned Parenthood in Lawndale last week. 200 folks showed up and we got a little press. Some of the cars that passed gave us a thumbs up or honked in appreciation.

That's it! There you have the sum total of my activism for the last year.

There are so many organizations deserving my support. Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, World Vision are three that come immediately to mind.

I attend a lot of things. Church, small groups, Bible studies, mens' breakfast. I go mostly to be fed, but I do teach in one Bible study and participate in the others.

This morning I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed by how little I "Seek after righteousness for His name's sake." There doesn't seem to be a "hunger and thirst after righteousness."

I DO listen to the news and commentary programs on Fox and get all riled up. I am upset by the unrighteousness and good at shaking my fist at the TV screen. I DO share my indignation with friends, family members, and associates. I Do post some responses on Facebook to unrighteous comments.

Will I really get into the trenches and spill my precious time, energy, cash, and even my dignity if they start killing babies after they're born because they are inconvenient or the wrong sex? Will I write elected officials, help to elect sincere politicians, and write checks to organizations when the heads that are being chopped off are Christians living in Santa Monica? Will I stop shaking my fist and actually take some kind of action when an acknowledged socialist gets elected to the Presidency? What about a proven liar?

What about you?  What will it take to get you active?  Maybe you are already active. Tell us about it in the comments and motivate others into action.

One action I did take was to write a book on discipleship and how to surrender fully. That book is available on Amazon as a paperback or an Kindle book. Just go to

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